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    MarketView is focused on helping you optimize the parts of the product management process most directly tied to monetizing your solutions and increasing your company's value.  We emphasize repeatable processes and market data that will help you establish and sustain best practices for product management. 

    Market Knowledge

    Engagements will be customized to fit your needs, but our initial focus is typically on establishing processes that will help you identify gaps in market knowledge, and create a foundation that will support development of a strategic product roadmap.   


    Product Roadmap

    Our product roadmap process ensures that you are gathering ideas from the right places, with a consistent process to objectively identify, evaluate and prioritize which produce development priorities will best solve customer problems that are impactful and pervasive so they will pay you to solve them.

    Go to Market

    Our Go-To-Market process makes sure all cross-functional team members are engaged, resulting in successful product launches, and that your value proposition is clearly defined & consistently communicated to the market.  An important part of this process is also to make sure you are pricing your solutions to fully capture your fair share of the value you are providing.

    Marketing & Sales

    We can also provide guidance on a variety of other parts of the product, marketing and distribution mix, as a natural continuation or pre-requisite for the areas noted above. 

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