We can supplement your team, or help them focus on repeatable market-driven processes & profit

​Market Knowledge

  • Knowledge gap analysis

  • Market Sizing & Attractiveness

  • Market Segmentation

  • Market Research & Customer Insights

  • Win / Loss Data Process

  • Market problem Identification

  • Customer Data Capture

  • Target Persona Development

  • Competitive Assessment & Value Positioning

​Product Roadmap & Support

  • Corporate Strategy & Roadmap Alignment

  • Portfolio Strategy Mapping

  • Business Case, Investment Scenarios & Risk

  • Idea Capture & Prioritization Process

  • Custom Product Requirements Templates

  • M&A Product & Market Due Diligence

  • Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Product Support Lifecycle Management

Go to Market

  • Product Marketing

  • Cross-functional Team Alignment

  • Pricing & Value Optimization

  • Business Case & Financial modeling 

  • Service Productization / Bundling

  • Distribution Planning

Product Management Best Practices Transformation

  • Market Knowledge Process Identify gaps in knowledge then arm your team with market competency for repeatable  market-driven decisions.  Examples include problem discovery, win/loss drivers, competition, market size, personas, and customer data.


  • Product Roadmap Development ProcessDefine process to gather ideas from the right places, and create a consistent scorecard to rank priorities based on financial and strategic alignment with corporate objectives.  Examples include portfolio investment strategy, strategic themes, idea capture, concept validation, prioritization, business cases, risk assessment, project plan and investment scenarios.

  • Go to Market Planning ProcessEstablish process to ensure all cross-functional team members are engaged, product monetization strategies are successful, and that your value proposition is clearly defined and communicated to the market.  Examples include value prop development, marketing plan, pricing optimization, sales enablement, cross-functional alignment, and metrics tracking to measure success.